The part of the Eulogy for James Rowe read by Jim's sister Marion which was written by Jim's niece Angela

Jim's funeral was on Friday, 19th September, 2008 at Kelvin Grove, Brisbane.

GENIUS is a funny thing. Those who possess it tell you it's just a matter of hard work and elbow grease. Those of us who lack it simply stand in awe, viewing a rare jewel. In my lifetime, the closest I've come to that jewel is Uncle Jim.

Uncle Jim had an encyclopaedic knowledge about everything. A real quiz master show junky. Quick off the mark he would have answered the question before the host had even finished reading it, all the while telling the contestant on the TV box that he was a stupid twat! I learnt a lot from Uncle Jim, and most of it can be accredited to his random outbursts whilst doing yoga on Aunty Marian’s lounge room floor.

Uncle Jim was the uncle you always wanted growing up as a kid and the uncle you needed as an adult. One of the best Christmas gifts Jim gave us was a rash shirt material balaclava. What better gift to give three little white ghosts with red hair and freckles. Mum never had to worry about hats, sunscreen and zink again.

As I grew older and so did Uncle Jim, well so he thought, I was no longer allowed to call him ‘Uncle’. So the compromise of UJ was agreed upon……he didn’t get old, he just kept on living, showing us all that the child in you always lives on.

A jack of all trades UJ was. Accountant by day, yoga master by night and surfer by weekends. My memories of Uncle Jim are fond and his funny wit will continue to make me laugh.

Maintain your memories of Jim. Cherish them, celebrate his life and incorporate his qualities into your own life so that each of you can have an impact on other's lives the way Jim has had an impact on each of us